8 Things About Coffee You May Not Know

11. June 2014 by NutriHelp
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Coffee ShopWe all love coffee on a bright chill morning. A cup of coffee can become a morning ritual, a stress buster, a mood swinger. You can swim in a coffee spa in Japan. 

Coffee drinking is not always about the caffeine hit or energy boost,” says Mills at Pragma. “The word association here is around comforting and refreshing, which suggests it’s also a bit of an indulgence that provides a feel-good factor or helps people to take a break.”

Here are the 8 things about coffee you may not have known:

  • Coffee has its different national days in some counties that are actually public holidays. In Japan, for instance, October 1st is ‘Coffee Day’. In Ireland, it is September the 19th, and in Costa Rica it is 12th September. There’s no such thing in India, at least not yet!
  • A cup of black coffee does not contain any calories if served without sugar, yet is still contains the caffeine. And even if you decide to go decaf, you’ll still get some of that caffeine. In fact, if you drink 5-10 cups of decaffeinated coffee, you could get as much caffeine as from 1-2 cups of caffeinated one.
  • More than 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide and it takes around 40 roasted coffee beans to make just one single espresso shot!


  • Caffeine is not the main bitter compound in coffee; it’s just responsible for 15 % of the bitterness you taste. The rest is due to antioxidants that form during the roasting the coffee beans.
  • The traditional espresso machine was actually invented in France, and not in Italy, bummer! However, the Italians took this idea, perfected it & made it their own. Nowadays, the best espresso coffee machines are still made in Italy. Note that espresso in Italy is rather too important to be consumed with a meal. It is treated as a separate event and is given its own time after the meal.


  • The most expensive coffee in the world comes from Civet poop. Civets’ are cat sized mammals that only ingest fine ripe berries and excrete them partially digested. Yup! the partially digested berries are those fine coffee beans! Believe it or not, 1 pound (around 1/2 kg) sells between $120 and $600.

coffee receipe poster

  • Europeans first referred to the drink as, “Arabian wine“. The word “coffee” originally came from the Arabic “qahhwat al-bun” or “wine of the bean.” That phrase turned into “qahwah,” which became “kahveh” in Turkey and eventually became “koffie” in Dutch and “caffe” in Italy. Due to the linguistic history of what eventually became “coffee”.
  • Last but not least, here’s a quick mini poster that would help you to decipher all those coffee options next time you’re ordering/making one: Make sure to go decaf, get yourself some skimmed milk & lay low on those added sugar, cream, syrups, toppings and chocolate chips! You can read more about what to choose when ordering/preparing your coffee

Mini poster coffee receipe

Finally, “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” – David Lynch

We love, fight, chat, relate over coffee. How do you make your first cup of coffee.

Share your Coffee experiences with us.

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  1. Wow! I myself did not know few of them. I just love coffee. My morning never starts without a cup of black coffee.

  2. I love my Coffee. No doubt it was called Arabian wine. Coffee and Chocolates are my favourites. Thanks for this wonderful article.

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  4. Now cosmetic companies are also coming up with coffee creams,, lol

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