Say ‘NO’ to a Bloated Bride. A Pre-Bridal Diet Session

17. December 2012 by Priyancka J
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brideWedding times are always crucial and feeling great from inside is what matters the most for all for those great photo sessions. Every one wants to look & feel good during their wedding times.

Say ‘NO’ to  bloated bride is my mission for you so that you don’t feel bloated  before and during your wedding.


Feel energetic, lighter and brighter by  avoiding few foods and incorporating  healthy habits just before a week or two.

  • Sayno’ to extra salt in your daily food they tend to increase water retention , swelling  and bloated
  • Say ‘no’  to overcooking and give rest to your kitchen, overcooking destroys essential nutrients and vitamins of the food.
  • Say ‘no’ to extra pulses and legumes,they take more time to digest and may leave you bloated
  • Say ‘no’ to  canned or packed food with additive or preservatives, these foods can do behaviour disturbance or migraine  with the feeling of bloated
  • Exercise regularly and  charge yourself with walk or exercise in the morning
  • Positive thinking is the great mantra to good health. Do not be cowed down by  depression,  relax, listen to music and spice up your life with humor. A happy and relax mind can conquer mountains.  Think positive
  • Drink for life – drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day and refresh your body from toxins.
  • Never start your day under time pressure – start your day early, a rush schedule saps energy.
  •   Last, but not the least stay trim and fit– keep your weight under check, eat healthy food, never skip your breakfast and eat meals on time.

About Priyancka J

I'm a Post Graduate in food, a Certified Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist and a trained Weight Management expert for the last ten years helping people in health management and weight loss.

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  1. I want to join your pre bridal diet session . Please send me the details how to start ,mode of payments and details.

    • Please send us your other details in the given email -id or call as at given no. in contact detail form. Make sure we need your vital statistics like age, height, weight and if you have any previous medical history we need that or scanned copy .
      Your details are safe with us.

  2. please suggest few tips for diet, as just a month left for my wedding so that I will be glowing on my D-Day

  3. A balanced diet rich in good quality fat before wedding will help you to glow. But make sure it should be balanced so that body weight will be also maintained

  4. Hello Maam ,
    I am 26 yrs & getting married in coming November. I am suffering from acne all over my face. Suggest a diet remedy

    • To cure acne combination of medicine and balanced food required. Absence of anyone will not give you positive result. Consult a dermatologist and include fresh fruits and green vegetable in your daily diet.
      Make sure to include coconut water in your daily diet.

  5. my kid is 4.3yrs . which packed milk suggest ?

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