Stress Fracture – How it affects young & modern players ?

s-fract-2The problem of Stress fracture is ancient & common among sports player due to hard training & match play, place heavy stress on the body and  restricted food & calories intake decreases bone density .

 In last 6 month I came across more than 10 athlete suffering from stress fracture, all are U-19 (under- 19)and most of them are Elite- Players. 

Stress fracture is now affecting more and more young and modern player, it may handicap their career, now and their life later. Protect your bone and keep them strong healthy.

Players should be encouraged to maintain a calcium rich diet and report immediately if any change in menstrual cycle (in case of female sports player) and advised to avoid alcohol, excessive salt, caffeine & smoking to reduce the risk of developing stress fracture.

s-fracture-4Though good food choices can reduces the risk of harm. Adequate intake of nutrients and  calories reduces the risk of stress fracture.

Lets understand what is Stress fracture

  • Loss of bone occurs silently & painlessly without any symptoms until the first fracture .
  • When the bone is unable to withstand repetitive bouts of mechanical loading happens in lower limb while playing sports.
  • Female sports player stuffer often then their male counter parts. Though stress fracture occur more often in players with menstrual disturbances & in complete absence of menstruation, risk of fracture increase a between 2- 4 times

Most common and neglected reason of stress fracture is restricted calorie intake when sports player avoid food high in fat content, low calories product, suffer from eating disorders, Bulimia Nervosa & have low body weight.

Pls-fract-1ayers energy need should meet . They should not avoid prolong periods  of  low energy availability since it may cause severe damage to their bones. Specially when they consume less than 30kcal/ kg of fat free mass(FFM). This is low energy availability and increases the risk of injury. Players need to take calories they spent during training & match play in account.

Remember injury prevention is essential & include careful monitoring of nutrition, menstruation & training load





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Infertility – a lifestyle disease,new research proves….

_20160414_152123                                 This is the era of health & nutrition .The moment in the morning I open newspaper apart from general day-to-day news of democracy the common topic of discussion revolves around Nutrition or Nutrition related products .

We all are celebrating world health day in our own way and the most important topic of discussion is Diabetes. Around 50% of population is suffering from Diabetes . But no one is talking about the spreading condition in our new generation and expecting mothers. The most alarming and neglected condition is Insulin resistance a pre-diabetic  syndrome in non medical term).

It is the most important but the least remembered  & remarkably                                                neglected cause of PCOS /PCOD ( poly cystic ovary syndrome_20160414_152157 or if not treated then disorder) , miscarriages, gestational diabetes, mood swings, skin darkening (Acanthosis Negricans) and if not treated early than infertility.

it’s shocking to see in year 2005 I use to get  not more than 1 women in every 20 or 30 women between age group of 28-35yrs  suffering from this disorder where as these days every 2nd girl specially age group between 16-22yrs from high socio economic families having PCOS

Though there is no well defined criteria but recent research have shown Insulin Resistance to play a key role and as such have long term issues of type-2 Diabetes

  • Irregular periods happen to be the most common symptoms of PCOD, excessive facial & body hair, acne, diabetes, heart trouble, infertility & migraine
  • Mood swings & bouts of depression could also be the sign of PCOD
  • High Prolactin Level due to high level of estrogen is another cause of PCOD mostly common in teenagers due to diet, competitive lifestyle and personal problems
  • But the most important and the least remembered by patients & providers is management of Insulin Resistance. It is a condition where life long approach is required.
  •  Though there are medication for the regulation of periodic cycle like -birth control pills, drugs, anti diabetic drug, hormonal pills but lifestyle modification is actually helpful.
  • People with normal BMI can also have Insulin Resistance
  • According to recent study the risk of miscarriages drop from 75% to 18% if Insulin resistance and lifestyle checked                             _20160414_152229
  • Last but not least  we can say PCOD is a metabolic disorder and the number one cause of infertility & if left untreated can increases the risk of endometrial cancer.
  • Genes and heredity are also some time major cause of PCOD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ref- Med Journal


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Sports, Air Travel, Jet Lag & Multiple Zone Nutrition

air travel 6Sport is played throughout the world. The competitive schedule includes international matches between academy/clubs and representatives of national sides. At the top professional level, players may have to compete for their clubs and countries in different parts of  the world  in the same week.

Teams also have to travel great distances or  sometimes multiple  time zones  to play friendly matches , especially over the pre-season training period or participate in a warm weather training. The travel schedule induces travel fatigue or jet lag when multiple meridians are traverse

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Sports & Nutrition

football3Almost every sport is structured where two opposite teams are closely matched a one-sided game is no fun for players or for spectators, every player and every team therefore has to strive to achieve advantage that is necessary to win and  work in training and sound tactics are vital, but a well- chosen diet can offer many benefits :

  • optimum gains from the training performance.
  • Enhanced recovery within and between workouts and events.
  • Achievements and maintenance of an ideal body weight and physique
  • A reduced risk of injury and illness.
  • confidence in being well prepared for match play
  • consistency in achieving high level of performances in matches
  • Enjoyment of food and social eating occasions

footballHard training and match play place heavy stress on the body, but good food choices can reduce the risk of harm

I am trying to share some information that will help players at all levels of competition, to make informed choices to meet their nutritional needs in different situations. These practical information that will be of use to the serious player, but is not a substitute for individual advice from a qualified professional

Whenever a highly talented, motivated and well trained players meet in competition, the margin between defeat and victory is small, attention to details make the vital difference. Diet affects performance and the food that we choose in training and competition will affect how well we train and play. Every player should be aware of how they select an eating strategy.

Every player is different and there is no single diet that meets the needs of all players at all times. Individual needs also changes across the season and players must be flexible to accommodate  this.

Diet may have its biggest impact on training. A good die can support consistent training while limiting the risk of  illness and injury. good food choices can also promote adaptations to nutty barthe training stimulus- this can lead to more improvement for the same training load. The right diet is also important in preparing for games and in hastening recovery afterwards.

A varied diet that meets energy needs and is based largely on nutrient- -rich choices such as vegetables, fruits, beans-legumes , cereals, lean meats, fish and dairy foods should ensure an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals . Excluding any of these food groups means that more careful food choices must be made.

Getting the right amount of energy to stay healthy and perform well is key. Too much and body fat increases : too little and performance falls, injuries increases,  and illness results.

Carbohydrate supplies muscle and brain with the fuels they need to meet the stress of training and competition. Players must be aware of what foods they should choose to meet their carbohydrate needs, how much should be eaten, and when these foods should be eaten.

football 4Maintaining hydration is  important for performance. Fluid intake before, during (where appropriate) and after exercise is important, especially in hot climates. When sweat loses are high , foods and drinks consumed must contain sufficient water and salt to replace these losses. (Ref/f-marc/fifa)

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11 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Success

Here are the people who have unknown love of fitness, revamped their dietary habits, proven non-supportive family members wrong or simply conquered the negative thoughts in their heads.

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Amazing Things About Carrots You Never Knew


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A Cup Of Tea, Anyone? Amazing Health Benefits

A Cup of TeaTea, it could do wonders to your health apart from refreshing your mood. Likely originated in China, it is now consumed by the world.
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The Truth About The Hidden Fat in Your Diet

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8 Things About Coffee You May Not Know

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