The Vitality of Food, Fruits & Vegetables

foodIf we are what we eat, then many of us must be tripping all over the place due to a lack of balance.

Nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables work together.

Research studies have found that vitamin supplements don’t provide the benefits that foods do. Fruits & foods are the best sources of nutrients & vitamins because they contain naturally occurring ingredients, like carotenoids, flavonoids and other anti-oxidants. Continue Reading →

10. June 2014 by NutriHelp
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Food Improves Hair-Loss and Hair-Health

HairWherever  I go, people complain that  they are loosing sleep over Hair- Loss. But being a Nutritionist how can I help them for Hair -Loss, and why they are asking a Nutritionist? Does diet has really anything to do with the health of your hair? Continue Reading →

30. November 2013 by Priyancka J
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Goals before a Diet regime – “Weight Watchers” Must Read

Woman choosing between fruits and cakes We all want to ‘eat-healthy’ and live a ‘disease-free’ life. What is this so called “eat-healthy”? Is there really any food called healthy or its a combination of food or diet? Let’s understand a little chemistry behind this and how to start this –
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02. November 2013 by Priyancka J
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Facts of Bone-loss and Calcium supplement

ca pic 2Numerous calcium supplement present in the market claimed to look after   bone loss & joint health . Continue Reading →

29. June 2013 by Priyancka J
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Child Nutrition in the Early Years

childThe year between  1-6 years of child nutrition has a key role in the early years. It  is the most important years of growth & development.  Growth is a bit slower in the first year of a child’s  life but major developments starts at the age of 2nd year, like physical, mental and emotional development.  Motor skills like running, balancing, drawing — all getting refined with age of child.

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18. February 2013 by NutriHelp
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Say ‘NO’ to a Bloated Bride. A Pre-Bridal Diet Session

brideWedding times are always crucial and feeling great from inside is what matters the most for all for those great photo sessions. Every one wants to look & feel good during their wedding times.

Say ‘NO’ to  bloated bride is my mission for you so that you don’t feel bloated  before and during your wedding.

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17. December 2012 by Priyancka J
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Obesity- Upper & Lower body

obesObesity – whether its in upper body in male & lower body in females. Most of us actually don’t understand the meaning of Ideal Body weight. Obesity is not a disease , but a symptoms that invites other diseases.

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24. November 2012 by Priyancka J
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The Secrets to delay Aging

agingA lot of products sold in the market is a myth. Here I share with you the secrets to delay aging.

Learn how to choose anti-aging food and delay your aging .

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06. November 2012 by NutriHelp
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What’s healthy- Rice or Wheat

heartMost people start their day with rice flakes or  wheat bread but some brands are nutritionally more enriched and better than other.  Learn how to choose the healthy wheat or atta brands.

Nutritionally wheat or rice both comes with certain quality , opting one and neglecting other is not a good  choice .

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18. October 2012 by Priyancka J
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Microwave, boiled or grilled – what to choose?

greenAlmost everyone is confused should they eat microwave, baked, grilled, smoked or boiled? Which one nutritionally better than other, few follow friend’s advice & few follow own.

Cooking losses are in general less serious than loses during washing .

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01. October 2012 by Priyancka J
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