The Secrets to delay Aging

06. November 2012 by NutriHelp
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agingA lot of products sold in the market is a myth. Here I share with you the secrets to delay aging.

Learn how to choose anti-aging food and delay your aging .

Few brands  are offering  Neutra-ceutical products with added Calcium, let us know how to delay your aging process &  choose the best one way to achieve it.

  • Menopause — a natural aging in women, we cannot stop this natural aging but yes we can reduce its effect on ourselves.
  • Oestorgen (female sex hormone) level starts reducing in females, causes menopause or natural aging
  • A healthy  food is nothing less than the foundation of medicine to prevent or reduces the onset of this natural aging

Institute of Aging — what they have to say

  •  Plant based food that contains Isoflavones works in the body as weak oestrogen.
  •  Soya may help to relieve menopause symptoms
  • Healthy lifestyle and calcium rich diet will be an added advantage

For this reason soya and soya supplement  may relieve menopausal symptoms although few other recent research findings are contradictory. Few may help lower cholesterol level and have been suggested to relieve hot flashes and night sweats.

These foods are in direct relationship  with menopause . After menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis. One should follow calcium and vitamin ‘D’ rich  diet to avoid bone disorders, joint and back pains.

Soybean– The future food

  1. Best quality Food
  2. Low cost,high protein &excellent functional properties
  3. Few recent research & updates says  that a soya component called isoflavones appears to reduce the risk of cancer

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  1. I am 39 and suffering from Osteomalacia. Please suggest what to do

  2. Osteomalacia is generally associated with leg pain and vitamin D3 deficiency common in women in early forty . Eat Vitamin and calcium rich diet

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