Facts of Bone-loss and Calcium supplement

29. June 2013 by Priyancka J
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ca pic 2Numerous calcium supplement present in the market claimed to look after   bone loss & joint health .

How to choose your Calcium supplement

The use of dietary supplements is widespread .People should not expect benefits from most of these supplements. Few of the products  used by people are supported by a sound research base and some may even be harmful to the people. Everyone should look carefully at the risk & rewards of  individual supplement before trying  them.

Calcium is important for healthy bones & neuromuscular function. Healthy bones need a good supply of calcium from the diet & vitamin D from exposure to sunlight.  In some countries, many everyday foods are fortified with calcium (e.g. fruit juice). The best sources of calciumbone images, however, are  dairy foods with low fat varieties   providing a great way to meet calcium needs within smaller energy budgets.

Every individual should aim to include 2-3 servings of dairy foods in their daily eating plans — e.g. 200 ml of  milk, 10 g of cheese or 100 ml cartoon of yoghurt. An additional daily 1-2 daily servings are required during  growth spurts in childhood and adolescence, and for pregnancy and breast feeding .

 Osteoporosis or bone loss —  Bone loss is six times more common in women than in men. Young women with early stoppage of menstruation have a high risk of osteoporosis (Br Med J1990). In men osteoporosis may occur with alcohol or cancer .

Remember   The normal daily bone loss is approx. 30-40 m . After the age of 40, the annual bone loss rises to 0.5% of total body calcium, and in post-menopausal women, to 1 % or more.

  • Remember calcium absorption decreases with age thus requirement increases
  • People who suffer from problem related with sub-optimal bone density should seek professional advice & supervised treatments
  • Fish oil also has a effective role  in bone & joint health.

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