FAQs - NutriHelp


There are numerous questions and so are the answers. Read the frequently asked questions.

Q. Is nutrition still suitable for me if I am seeing a doctor for my health problems?

– Of course, Doctors are for clinical diagnosis and medicines and I am for a lifestyle change.

Q. So why would I need a nutritionist?

To know about your daily food habits- Dos & Don’t s

Q. How do I know if a nutrition consultation would be beneficial to me?

Look for a Certified / Qualified Nutritionist

Q. Are your nutrition meal plans easy to follow?

YES,  keeping you daily lifestyle in mind.

Q. How many consultation – follow ups will I need?

Depends from case to case. Contact me for further details.

Q. Do u recommend any supplement ?

Not Really, until mandatory.

Q. Do u carry out telephone consultation?

For long distances,* Conditions Applied.

Q. What are your focus areas in nutrition planning?

Good health, better life -style and reshaping your confidence.

Q. I am doubtful that nutrition has anything to do with overall health. I am eating the same way for years and I am fine?

Anybody can tell you this. But the reality many do not know.