Infertility – a lifestyle disease, New Research Proves it!

24. April 2018 by Priyancka J
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_20160414_152123        This is the era of health & nutrition. The moment in the morning I open newspaper apart from general day-to-day news of democracy the common topic of discussion revolves around Nutrition or Nutrition related products .

We all are celebrating world health day in our own way and the most important topic of discussion is Diabetes. Around 50% of population is suffering from Diabetes . But no one is talking about the spreading condition in our new generation and expecting mothers. The most alarming and neglected condition is Insulin resistance a pre-diabetic  syndrome in non medical term).

It is the most important but the least remembered  & remarkably  neglected cause of PCOS /PCOD ( poly cystic ovary syndrome_20160414_152157 or if not treated then disorder) , miscarriages, gestational diabetes, mood swings, skin darkening (Acanthosis Negricans) and if not treated early than infertility.

it’s shocking to see in year 2005 I use to get  not more than 1 women in every 20 or 30 women between age group of 28-35yrs  suffering from this disorder where as these days every 2nd girl specially age group between 16-22yrs from high socio economic families having PCOS

Though there is no well defined criteria but recent research have shown Insulin Resistance to play a key role and as such have long term issues of type-2 Diabetes

  • Irregular periods happen to be the most common symptoms of PCOD, excessive facial & body hair, acne, diabetes, heart trouble, infertility & migraine
  • Mood swings & bouts of depression could also be the sign of PCOD
  • High Prolactin Level due to high level of estrogen is another cause of PCOD mostly common in teenagers due to diet, competitive lifestyle and personal problems
  • But the most important and the least remembered by patients & providers is management of Insulin Resistance. It is a condition where life long approach is required.
  •  Though there are medication for the regulation of periodic cycle like -birth control pills, drugs, anti diabetic drug, hormonal pills but lifestyle modification is actually helpful.
  • People with normal BMI can also have Insulin Resistance
  • According to recent study the risk of miscarriages drop from 75% to 18% if Insulin resistance and lifestyle checked                             _20160414_152229
  • Last but not least  we can say PCOD is a metabolic disorder and the number one cause of infertility & if left untreated can increases the risk of endometrial cancer.
  • Genes and heredity are also some time major cause of PCOD.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ref- Med Journal


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