Microwave, boiled or grilled – what to choose?

01. October 2012 by Priyancka J
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greenAlmost everyone is confused should they eat microwave, baked, grilled, smoked or boiled? Which one nutritionally better than other, few follow friend’s advice & few follow own.

Cooking losses are in general less serious than loses during washing .

Recent research says loss of Thiamine , Riboflavin & Niacin during washing is about 20-40 ,10-30 and 15-20 percent respectively.

  • Loss of B- vitamin is around  30 percent  during bread making which can be compensated by fortification.
  • Where as biscuits & cake baking entail lesser vitamin losses of about 15-20 percent.
  • Boiling of food reduces nutritional value , when excess water is used & surplus water is discarded.
  • Smoked food contain nitrite that may converted to carcinogenic compound  during cooking.

Frequent consumption of smoked or pickled food, charcoal –broiled meat or fish are associated with increased incidence of cancer of esophagus & stomach.

Cancer & Food

  1. Anti-oxidants & micronutrient reduces the risk of cancer.
  2. Beta -carotene , vitamin A,C, E are potential prevention for various cancer symptoms.
  3. Phyto-chemicals present in plant food are helpful.
  4. Rich source of anti- oxidants onion, garlic, ginger, oats, rosemary also can be included.
  5. Mushroom, nuts, chocolates are good source of zinc.
  6. Consumption of soyabean also suppose to reduce risk of cancer.

What kind of food do you consume? Leave a comment.

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  1. Please suggest how often I can take grilled food? And if I want to buy microwave what brand you prefer to be safer ?

  2. How often I can take grilled food?
    And which brand of microwave cooking is safe ?

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