Obesity- Upper & Lower body

24. November 2012 by Priyancka J
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obesObesity – whether its in upper body in male & lower body in females. Most of us actually don’t understand the meaning of Ideal Body weight. Obesity is not a disease , but a symptoms that invites other diseases.

  • Is an accumulation of excess body fat in the body,
  • It is more than 20 percent of Ideal Body Weight .
  • Obesity invites disability, disease & premature death.
  • In men , fatty tissue is distributed predominantly in the upper segment of body, neck shoulder & abdomen
  • The normal waist-hip ratio  is 0.7 ; a person with upper body obesity has a ratio of 0.85 or higher

A prospective study on weight management says, in the US,  25-34 percent of the adult population is obese & they reduced to normal body weight without any weight loss training.  Now it becomes a primary health problem  approximately 40 percent of women & 20 percent of men are currently trying to lose weight  (A.J.C.Nutr-1994, A.I.Med-1993)

Today’s advance technology gives us to believe that every problem has a remedy — from hair loss to micro surgery. But we overlook the limitations of high-tech medicines treatment as well as the pain & suffering a man subjected to when the disease sets in.  The limitations of modern medicines are specially apparent when dealing with diseases basically rooted in faulty lifestyle led by most people of the affulent society.


A major cause of such disease is obesity- silent killer is a condition where most of us tend to ignore untill it becomes too late

Ideal Body Weight– Most of us actually don’t understand the meaning of Ideal Body weight

  • Condition where our body is free of disease
  • condition when body can fight diseases in lean period or starvation or other unaviodable situations.

Threats –

  1. Drastic weight reducing programmes
  2. Crash diet
  3. Severe exercise programmes
  4. All these tend to do more harm than good

It is not enough to look & achieve the Ideal Body weight . Its equally important to maintain it.

To achieve Ideal body weight one should remember these points . Though they are very simple but very important .

  • Why to loose weight?
  • Understanding of Ideal body weight & complications arising with obesity
  • Obesity is not a disease , but a symptoms that invites other diseases
  • Loose weight in a realistic way
  • Eat in a balance way, so there is no point of going “on or off”  for diet

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  1. send me required details

    • Do you conduct workshop out of Kolkata, we want to organize a workshop on Obesity Management ?

      • Yes we conduct workshop out of Kolkata also. Please fill up the contact details form; also send audience age group and media coverage if any.
        We would also like to know whether you want workshop including interaction session with audience or excluding?

  2. Hello Ma’m
    I am 21 year old obess and suffering from PCOD. I came to know about your diet plans from my neighbour. As I stay in Hoogly District and visiting you is not possible. I want to take online consultation . Please tell me does it possible and if what details you need ?

  3. Hi Sanjida

    Sushmita told me about you. Fill up the contact form and send scanned copy of all medical reports. Accordingly will give you appointment for online consultation and payment details

  4. Hi,
    I want to join your weight loss programe by next month, I am 8 month pregnant and suppose to deliver baby in next three weeks. Please send me the details to start a weight loss program just after delivery

    I am working and want to be back in shape as soon as possible, as weight loss & office is really difficult to carry together

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