Stress Fracture – How it affects young & modern players ?

03. March 2019 by Priyancka J
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s-fract-2The problem of Stress fracture is an ancient & common among sports player due to hard training & match play, place heavy stress on the body and  restricted food & calories intake decreases bone density .

 In last 6 month I came across more than 10 athlete suffering from stress fractures, all are U-19 (under 19)and most of them are Elite- Players. 

Stress fracture is now affecting more and more young and modern player, it may handicap their career, now and their life later. Protect your bone and keep them strong healthy.

Players should be encouraged to maintain a calcium rich diet and report immediately if any change in menstrual cycle (in case of female sports player) and advised to avoid alcohol, excessive salt, caffeine & smoking to reduce the risk of developing stress fracture.

s-fracture-4Though good food choices can reduces the risk of harm. Adequate intake of nutrients and  calories reduces the risk of stress fracture.

Understand Stress fracture

  • Loss of bone occurs silently & painlessly without any symptoms until the first fracture .
  • When the bone is unable to withstand repetitive bouts of mechanical loading happens in lower limb while playing sports.
  • Female sports player suffer often than their male counter parts. Though stress fracture occurs more often in players with menstrual disturbances & in complete absence of menstruation, risk of fracture increase between 2- 4 times

Most common and neglected reason of stress fracture is restricted calorie intake when a sports player avoids food high in fat content, low calories product, suffer from eating disorders, Bulimia Nervosa & have low body weight.

Pls-fract-1ayers energy needs should be met . They should not avoid prolonged periods  of  low energy availability since it may cause severe damage to their bones. Specially when they consume less than 30kcal/ kg of fat free mass(FFM). This is low energy availability and increases the risk of injury. Players need to take calories they spent during training & match play in account.

Remember injury prevention is essential & requires careful monitoring of nutrition, menstruation & training load.


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