The Vitality of Food, Fruits & Vegetables

10. June 2014 by NutriHelp
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foodIf we are what we eat, then many of us must be tripping all over the place due to a lack of balance.

Nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables work together.

Research studies have found that vitamin supplements don’t provide the benefits that foods do. Fruits & foods are the best sources of nutrients & vitamins because they contain naturally occurring ingredients, like carotenoids, flavonoids and other anti-oxidants.

“In addition to the substances we are aware of, there are many present in fruits and vegetables that have yet to be discovered. Food and the nutrients they contain aren’t consumed singly, but with each other. As such, they may act in synergistic ways to promote health. For instance, eating iron-rich plants, like spinach, with an iron-absorbing enhancer, like the vitamin C in orange juice, is great for people who don’t get enough iron (typically young women).

Fruits and vegetables may prevent many illnesses.

Eating fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. The Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study examined nearly 110,000 people over the course of 14 years. Part of the study revealed that the more fruits and vegetables people ate daily, the less chance they would develop cardiovascular diseases. The relationship between fruits and vegetables and cancer prevention has been more difficult to prove. However, recent studies show that some types of produce are associated with lower rates of some types of cancer. It has great anti-aging properties.

Fruits and vegetables are great for watching your weight.

They’re low in fat and calories, and loaded with fiber and water, which create a feeling of fullness. This is particularly helpful for dieters who want more filling calories. Plus, that fiber helps keep you “regular.”

The power of prevention may lie in a salad bowl or a plate of fruit. When we take advantage of produce, our bodies return the favor by reducing our risk of developing various illnesses.

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