Goals before a Diet regime – “Weight Watchers” Must Read

02. November 2013 by Priyancka J
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Woman choosing between fruits and cakes We all want to ‘eat-healthy’ and live a ‘disease-free’ life. What is this so called “eat-healthy”? Is there really any food called healthy or its a combination of food or diet? Let’s understand a little chemistry behind this and how to start this –

Before starting a diet regime we need to be aware of our personal nutritional goals and  of how we  can select an eating strategy to meet those goals? In last 10 working years the knowledge & experience I gathered says a good health is the combination of 80%  diet & 20% activity, and  the margin between victory and defeat is small . This blog contains information that will help people to make informed choices to meet their nutritional needs in different situations and practical suggestion that will be of use to people, but is not a substitute for individual advice from a qualified professional

  • Every person is different,  and there is no single diet that meets the requirement of every one  at all times.
  • Individual needs also change across the season and we must be fexible to accommodate this.
  • Diet may have its biggest impact on health. A good diet can limit the risk of illness or injury.
  • Getting the right amount of energy to stay healthy and  perform daily activity well is key.
  • Carbohydrate supplies the muscles and brain with the  fuels  they need during stress. We should be aware of what foods we should choose to meet the carbohydrate needs, how much should be eaten and when these foods should be eaten.
  • Foods rich in protein are important for building and repairing muscles.  Well chosen vegetarian  diets can easily meet protein needs.

Benefits of Eating Well –  A well balanced diet offers

  • Reduced risk of injury & illness
  • Enhanced recovery during  lean period
  • Achievement & maintenance  of ideal body weight and physique.
  • Confidence in being healthy.
  • Enjoyment of food & social eating occasion.

Despite these advantages, many people do not meet their nutritional goals. Common problem & challenges include

  • Poor knowledge of foods and inadequate cooking skillsgreen
  • Poor choices when shopping & dining out.
  • Poor & outdated knowledge of nutrition.
  • Busy lifestyle.
  • Limited availability to good food choices.
  • Indiscriminate use of supplements & fat burner

Weight loss supplement Some people turn to weight loss supplements  and “fat- burners” to help them  achieve their target weight . This is to be strongly discouraged. Most of these supplement do not work & do carry serious health risks. Some herbal weight loss products have been shown to contain illegal drugs that are not declared on the label.

Ideas for promoting dietary variety & nutrient rich eating

  • Be open to try new foods & new recipes
  • Make the most of food in season.
  • Explore all the varieties of  different food
  • Think carefully before banishing a food or group of foods from your eating  plans.

Include fruit & vegetable at every meal. The strong colours of many fruits and vegetables are a sign of a  high content of various vitamins and other food anti-oxidants. Aim to fill your plate with highly coloured foods to ensure a good intake of the range of these health -promoting dietary compounds. It is good to ensure that you “eat a rainbow” each day by choosing fruits and vegetables from each of the following schemes.

  • Red – eg tomatoes, watermelon, cherries, berries, red apples
  • Green– eg. broccoli, lettuce, green apples and grapes
  • Orange / yellow- eg  carrots, apricots, peaches, orange ,cantaloupe, mangoes
  • Blue/purple– eg. blue berries, plums,  purple grapes, raisins
  • White-  cauliflowers, bananas, onions and potatoes(Ref-fifa.nff)

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  1. I am suppose to run Bangalore Marathon in March 2014, is there any probability you visiting to Bangalore, & I can meet you?

    • Hi, Sunipa its nice to hear that you want to meet me but I am not suppose to visit Bangalore in near future. Running Marathon is challenging & combination of diet & activity & at times power yoga. We can meet online.

  2. Hi ma’m, I am 25 and having Pcod. I am taking medicine to loose weight suggested by medical practitioner. Are these medicine are safe to have?

    • Medical practitioner or Gynecologist at times prescribed energy binding medicines to avoid further medical complications if the patient doesn’t able to loose weight.
      But still I don’t recommend these pills

  3. Hi I am 25 years old and I have been diagnosed with Pcos from the past 3 months.I am really tensed about my weight gain.Apart from exercising ,I am planning to take raspberry pills.Please suggest if that can be helpful.

    • Please take an appointment for consultation. To cure PCOS you have to follow a diet plan and do some lifestyle changes. Any medicine will not help you in long run.

  4. I would like to thank u mam so much for all the help n support… m glad that chosing a Dietician was not a bad idea .. n it has proved to me now… n mam there is a long way to go … many kgs down n many to go.. n mam u r ryt apt diet wid prope activity. God bless u n thanku for giving me another life

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