What’s More Healthy- Rice or Wheat

18. October 2012 by Priyancka J
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heartMost people start their day with rice flakes or  wheat bread. Some brands claim to be nutritionally more enriched and better than the other.  Learn how to choose the healthy wheat or atta brands.

Nutritionally wheat or rice both comes with certain quality, opting one and neglecting other is not a good  choice .

Although all cereals are similar in structure but wheat contain a protein called gluten which gives toughness & rubberness . Gluten is a protein which becomes viscous when water is added to it. This property is not present in rice, bajra or jowar flour.

  • Wheat flour has been associated  with the symptoms of  abdominal indigestion or Celiac disease in some subject due to presence of gluten
  • The  finding says its due to presence of antibodies present in wheat gluten  causes allergic reaction , leads to stomach disorder.
  • Research says ingestion of folic acid 5mg daily can be helpful in this allergy or sometimes even a cure
  • Though  permanent absence of gluten can prevent wheat allergy or gluten sensitive  celiac disease.
  • Even broad spectrum antibiotics are also effective during  intestinal bacterial growth in wheat allergy

 Moderate amount of oats or bajra can be included in this wheat allergy or mal-absorption syndrome

Wheat & Rice — energy value

  1. Wheat flour provides 350kcal  per 100 gm
  2. Rice provides 350kcal per 100 gm

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  1. I am 4feet 7 inches & 88 kg , can I eat rice at night?

  2. I am diabetic, can I eat rice ?

  3. We always recommend rice in our diabetic diet plans .

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